TDBRepl - The Trivial DataBase Replication System


This software is released under the GNU Public License.


As this software uses TDB as a the underlying database, it is required for this software to function. TDB can be downloaded from: The software has been written and tested on the following platforms: Other Unix variants (with POSIX threads support) may work out of the box but may require some Makefile or code tweaks. Please feel free to submit patches for ports.


A tarball of the source can be downloaded here:


2004-02-26 00:42  liam

   * Makefile: tdbrepl-1.0pre4

   * include/protocol.h: Modified protocol.h and Makefile to accomodate 
     specific header requirements on Linux as per suggestion from Miroslav 

2003-02-01 23:35  liam

    * tdbrepld/tdbrepld.c: tdbrepl-1.0pre3

2003-02-01 23:31  liam

    * tdbrepld/tdbrepld.c: modified configuration parser to no longer
    care if other servers run tdbrepld on a different port from the
    current host

2003-02-01 23:29  liam

    * test/: simulate.c, tdbrepltorture.c: modified test programs to
    ensure initialisation succeeds.

2003-02-01 23:29  liam

    * tdbrepld/: tdbrepld.c, trtcp.c: fixed memory leak in tdbrepld and
    added extra configuration checking

2002-08-24 22:04  liam

    * include/protocol.h: tdbrepl-1.0pre2
    please note that this release will most likely not communicate with
    hosts running 1.0pre1 correctly. please upgrade all your hosts
    at the same time.

2002-08-24 21:51  liam

    * include/protocol.h: change protocol to use uint32_t rather than
    long to mitigate potential 64-bit/32-bit portability issues

Bug Reports/Questions/Patches

Please submit via SourceForge.

Please see the TODO file in the tarball to see what work/features are currently outstanding.


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